Luis Santamaría Galdón. Senior searcher. 

Research interests: Evolutionary ecology; plant-animal interactions (seed dispersal, pollination, herbivory); animal movement; wetland ecology; adaptive management; policy analysis.

E-mail: luis.santamaría at | Phone: +34 954 232 340 ext. 1224

Silvia Pérez Espona. Visiting fellow.

Research interests: molecular ecology, landscape genetics, seed dispersal.

Current projects: GENSABINA, NATALIEN.
Pablo Fernández Méndez. Postdoctoral researcher.

Research interests:  sustainable use of natural resources, nature conservation, policy and institutional analysis, discourse analysis, politics and power, structured decision making, adaptive governance and management, action research.

Sara Castro Cobo. Researcher in training (postgraduate)

Research interests: acoustic communication in insects, community ecology, conservation biology, invasive species.

Current project: NATALIEN


Sebastián Palacios Ojeda. Research assistant.

Research interests: conservation biology, invasive species.

Current project: NATALIEN



Past members

Carles Molina Rubio worked as research assistant in projects GENSABINA and NATALIEN, where he carried out molecular analysis and field work .


Amparo Lázaro worked a post-doctoral researcher (Juan de la Cierva Program) on the effect of resource barriers and nectar thieves on plant-pollinator (co)evolution.
She is now working as post-doctoral researcher for Theodora Petanidou's Biogeography & Ecology Lab.

Asier Rodríguez Larrinaga worked, as postdoctoral researcher, on animal-mediated dispersal and the management of biological invasions.

His current work as consultant includes research on the conservation biology of European Pond Turtle in the Basque Country and Pyrenean Desman in Galicia (Life+ Project Margal Ulla).

Lucía Latorre Piñeiro

Lucía defended her PhD in September 2013. She works now as Invasive Species Project Officer of the Seychelles Islands Foundation, on the island of Praslin.

Beatriz Gozalo Sanz

Beatriz was a project-funded technician. Her work focused on analyzing the effect of urbanization on the biodiversity and functioning of urban ecosystems, with an specific focus on forest birds, vegetation structure and soil characteristics.

She is currently a member of the Semiarid Ecology and Global Change Lab, lead by Fernando Maestre at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Ainhoa Magrach González. Post-doctoral researcher.

Ainhoa defended her PhD, focused on the effect of lanscape fragmentation on plant-animal interactions, in March 2011. She then moved to work as postdoctoral researcher at James Cook University and ETH Zurich.