Seminar - A Sectoral Agreement in Galapagos. Integration, Equity and Efficiency in Tourism as an Engine for Sustainable Development

Galapagos is a very fragile archipelago from an ecosystem standpoint, whose economic development depends heavily on tourism. In this seminar, Cristian Cavicchiolo will introduce the project “Sustainable Development of the Productive Sectors in Galapagos” (funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and implemented by the Provincial Chamber of Tourism). This project aims to integrate the main productive sectors as an overarching strategy to strengthen the smaller supply chains, while at the same time increasing the equitable distribution of tourism revenues. These objectives are also expected to reduce opportunistic behaviors and the over-exploitation of natural resources. Also, Cristian will present the pilot initiative “Quality for the Tourism Operation of Galapagos”, an initiative born in the framework of this project. Such initiative aims…read more at Interfaz Project