Impact of fragmentation on forest epiphytes

This autumn we are reaping the fruits of a long period of work - by a bunch of fantastic PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Here goes another one, from Ainhoa Magrach's thesis:

Magrach, A., Larrinaga A.R. & Santamaría L. (2012) Internal habitat quality, rather than the configuration of remnant patches, determines the effects of fragmentation on Austral forest epiphytes. PLoS One 7: e48743.

(In the picture, the mistletoe Tristerix corymbosus, one of the study species.)

Ainhoa is now at the Laurance Lab in Cairns, Australia, where she keeps doing work on the effects of fragmentation on interspecific interactions -  and making us jealous with awesome pictures of her study systems...