Second field campaign of the PARIS project in Mallorca

During the first half of July, we completed the second field campaign of project PARIS, a collaborative undertaking of the teams led by Elena Gómez Díaz at IBE-CSIC, Jordi Figuerola at EBD-CSIC and Luis Santamaría at IMEDEA-CSIC (this lab) to study the endoparasites of the two species of Balearic wall lizards (Podarcis lilfordi and P. pityusensis).

This campaign focused on resampling two populations of Lilford's wall lizard, at Sa Dragonera y Cabrera, and one invasive population of Ibiza wall lizard, at Illetes (Mallorca).

The campaign's team included Raquel Vasconcelos (IBE), Asier R. Larrinaga (LSE-IMEDEA) and several students of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Balearic Islands (UIB): Valero Andreu, Alina Chalenko, Miriam Viader and Nahuel Manzanaro. Despite the high temperatures (we sampled during a severe heatwave) and the intensive work, the beauty of the field sites and the good humour of the team made the campaign a memorable experience.