Edge effects in a 3D world

The last paper of Ainoha Magrach's PhD is finally on print.

This apparently simple piece of work involved measuring seed germination and occurence of epiphytes up to 12 m in the canopy, an incredibly challenging task in the dense and rough forests of Chiloé (the image on the left is taken at the verge of an illegal-logging gap, the only way to get a good view of tree sizes).

A. Magrach, L. Santamaría, A.R. Larrinaga (2013) Edge effects in a three-dimensional world: height in the canopy modulates edge effects on the epiphyte Sarmienta repens (Gesneriaceae). Plant Ecology 214: 965-973.

After working at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia, Ainhoa has joined now the Ecosystem Management group at ETH in Zurich.