LSE moves to Sevilla and becomes SEG

Last October 15th, the Laboratory of Spatial Ecology moved to the Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC) at Sevilla (SW Spain), and became the Spatial Ecology Group - which is part of the Department of Wetland Ecology.

We celebrated the move with  a barbecue, where preeminent researchers from EBD showed that they can also do reasonable soccer; and a morning of birdwatching in the marismas -where we enjoyed recently-arrived geese, cranes, waders, resident flamingoes, raptors, and our all-times favourite: ducks.

For a few months, we will be finishing-off existing work projects at Mallorca - and part of the Group's personnel will be based there. And we hope to continue our collaborations with former colleagues at IMEDEA for years to come.

Farewell Mallorca, which was a great place to be and do research - and welcome Sevilla, which will hopefully meet our high expectations!