Sampling campaign the Cabrera Archipelago

Last week, we joined other members of the Concorda project and sailed into Conillera ("Rabbit Island") to install 55 collectors of seabird guano.

The visit, during which samples of atmospheric deposition from a collector placed at neighboring Cabrera Island were also taken, was a (long-awaited) success: Conillera has no harbour, so we needed almost perfect sea conditions to be able to jump into the rocky shores. Rough terrein demanded also the use of ropes to disembarck the material, and made the transport and installation of the collectors challenging. But we had a perfect winter day, cold and sunny, and enjoyed the exhuberant autumn bloom of local daffodils Narcissus tazzeta.

Two days later, we had the second annual meeting of the Concorda Project - a great opportunity to learn from the diverse expertise of its multidisciplinar consortium.